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Hidden Faszination

We are Berlin’s immersive trailblazers

our story

Karmanoia has been developing and designing immersive spatial installations for 15 years, enchanting thousands of people with shows, art, and events. Karmanoia is your trusted partner when it comes to fascinate your audience through immersive experience.


Our services

Image: Adrian Grunert

Immersive Experiences

Our products are fascinating moments which we create in public and private spaces through interior design, arts, technology and craftsmanship. Our flagship product are our one-of-a-kind walkthrough art mazes.

Hands on

Quality Handcraft

We work with a large array of different materials, tools and techniques. In collaboration with skillful craftspeople, we provide a real and grounded experience to the visitor. We are analogue and we love it!

Image: Jo Hempel

Fascination through Art

© Jo Hempel

Our immersive artworks fascinate through their characteristic offbeat and emotional approach. Appealing to physical experience and perception, we inspire through feelings. Art is our medium for something bigger!

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JoHempel_201905_Karmanoia_Meta-Maze_Tillburg_2_DSC_9737 Kopie.jpg

© Jo Hempel

what visitors say

Jeroen, via facebook

“Exciting 'down-the-rabbit-hole' art maze which will delight, surprise and amaze you. Makes you feel like a free kid again that wants to explore all surroundings and just touch everything. Would definitely recommend.”

what the press says


Brabants Dagblad 25.04.2019, Print

“As if the Tilburg Museum De Pont, Alice in Wonderland, and M.C. Escher would give birth to one child.”

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Visit our newest creation in Tilburg, Netherlands: A huge walkthrough art labyrinth!

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